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I was a member of the Astrophysics Group at Korea Institute for Advanced Study and a research professor at KIAS Center for Advanced Computation. I was working on the cosmological simulations identifying subhalos and investigating the physical properties of them. Also I participate in the Sload Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) providing the mock survey data for the comparison with the observations. Now I am working with Professor Changbom Park in the field of the cosmic topology and the large-scale structures of the universe.

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Research Interests
     Cosmological N-body simulations
     Large-scale Structures of the Universe
     GPGPU in the Numerical Simulations
     KIAS astrophysics group wiki

     Simulation code
     Horizon-Run simulation
     Other simulation specifics


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Research Tools
     Cosmic N-body Code (GOTPM-II)
     Subhalo Finding Method
     Friend-of-Friend Method

Project & Group Links
     SDSS-Korean Scientist Group
     Sloan Digital Sky Survey
     Computational Astrophysics Group

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