This catalog includes the morphology information given by the scheme developed by Park & Choi (2005).
All galaxies in KIAS VAGC are classified into early (Ellipticals and lenticular) and late (Spirals and Irregulars) morphological types which are also further divided into normal and abnormal classes. The data is here.
The data of 114,303 galaxies with rP>17.6 are also available here.

The files includes the following columns:
[Note] The 318 galaxies with indx>3000000 are not in the NYU VAGC photometric catalog. Out of the galaxies, 295 galaxies are found in the SDSS CAS and 23 galaxies are found only in the NED.
ra, dec
RA and DEC (in degrees, J2000.0)
redshift redshift
[Note] Some of them are negative.
Rgal Comoving distance in units of h-1 Mpc
[Note] Ωm=0.26 and ΩΛ=0.74 were assumed.
rabsmag Petrosian absolute magnitude at r-band normalized to the z=0.1 epoch.
[Note] This is calculated from extinction corrected AB fluxes and the evolution correction of E(z)=1.6(z-0.1) is made (Tegmark et al. 2004).
urcolor u - r color [Note] We use model magnitudes that are extinction and K-corrected to the z=0.1
morph_class 1 if Elliptical or lenticular, 2 if Spiral or irregular, 9 if photometry failed.
morph_type >0 if Normal late types, 1 if Normal early types, 2 if Blue early types, <0 if Abnormal late and early types. To use galaxies with morph_type >0 are recommended.
 The difference in g-i color of the region with R<0.5RP from that of the annulus with 0.5RP<R<RP, where RP is the Petrosian radius at i-band. A negative color difference means bluer outside.
conx  The inverse concentration index at i-band with seeing correction,
cin = R50/R90 where R50, and R90 are the radii from the
center of a galaxy containing 50%, and 90% of the Petrosian flux.
rpmag Galactic extinction corrected (Schlegel et al. 1998) Petrosian magnitude at r-band
epetR / epetRc
Petrosian radius at i-band / Petrosian radius at i-band re-calculated by using elliptical annuli  [in unit of arcsec]
iso_a / iso_b
Isophotal major and minor axis lengths at i-band, respectively
abtrue Seeing corrected isophotal b/a axis ratio at i-band
phi_iso_deg Isophotal position angle at i-band in unit of degree
vdisp / vdisperr /snmedian
Velocity dispersion in unit of km s-1, σ
[Note] spectral with median per-pixel S/N >10 and 70 < σ <420 km s-1 are recommended to be used /  Error in velocity dispersion: negative for invalid fit / Median per-pixel signal-to-noise 
rdev, ab_dev / rexp, ab_exp DeVaucouleur radius (in unit of arcsec) and b/a axis ratio at i-band, respectively.
Exponential radius (in unit of arcsec) and b/a axis ratio at i-band, respectively.
morph_err -1 (default), -9 if objects are errors in deblending, blank field, stellar objects, and so on. Do not use objects with morph_err=-9
[Note] The objects with morph_err=-9 are already excluded.
Galactic extinction corrected r-band Model magnitude
grcolor A rest-frame color K-corrected to the redshift of 0.1
Extinction corrected de Vaucouleur apparent magnitudes at g-band, r-band, and i-band, respectively
expmagg,expmagr,expmagi Extinction corected Exponential apparent magnitudes at g-band, r-band, and i-band, respectively
ztype Source catalog of the redshift. See Table 1 in Choi et al (2010).
matchdist Angular separation between the matched objects in degrees. For 23 UZC galaxies without SDSS photometry, matchdist = -9.

The FORTRAN format is following;
341 format(i8,2f11.6,f11.6,f8.2,
     &  2f9.3,i3,f8.2,f7.3,2f8.4, f7.2,2f8.3,2f7.2,f9.3,f8.2,f9.2,f8.2,
     &  f8.3,f7.3,f8.3,f7.3,i8,8f9.3,i5,f12.6)