DR6 데이터가 공개됩니다

KSG (토론) 사용자의 2013년 4월 3일 (수) 04:08 판

Hello all,

This is to remind everybody that the Sixth Data Release of the SDSS is scheduled to become public one week from today, Wednesday, June 27. We're still working on the documentation of this data release, as you can see in the draft DR6 paper: ftp://ftp.astro.princeton.edu/strauss/sdss/dr6.pdf and DR6 website: http://www.sdss.org/dr6

The data themselves (i.e., links to skyserver, das, and cas) can be found in links off: http://www.sdss.org/dr6/access/index.html

Please try this out, and send e-mail to sdss-archive if you have troubles or notice mistakes.

In brief, new things for DR6 include:

-Extensive SEGUE imaging and spectroscopy

-Ubercalibrated photometry, available through the CAS

-All spectra reprocessed through a new version of idlspec2d

-Extensive stellar parameter estimation, from the SEGUE team

-The results of the specBS code, available through the CAS

-A complete overhaul of the sector/region code, making it much more robust

We plan to put an announcement of the release out in the AAS Electronic Bulletin in July.

The DR6 team:

Jen Adelman-McCarthy

Bonnie Alcorn

Bill Boroski

Tamas Budavari

Jim Gunn

John Hendry

Sebastian Jester

Steve Kent

Nickolai Kuropatkine

Svetlana Lebedeva

Craig Loomis

Robert Lupton

Eric Neilsen

Jared Platson

Michael Strauss

Alex Szalay

Ani Thakar

Yogesh Wadadekar

Brian Yanny