• Dashing through the cluster: A UVIT view of star-forming galaxies in clusters (Smriti Mahajan, IISERM)
  • Recent Progress Report (Ankit Singh, KIAS)
  • The Halo Occupation Distribution of HI Galaxies - Part 2 (Fei Qin, KIAS)
  • The Halo Occupation Distribution of HI Galaxies (Fei Qin, KIAS)
  • Testing Lyman alpha emitters and Lyman-break galaxies as tracers of large-scale structures in the universe (Sang Hyeok Im, SNU)
  • Studying baryonic flow across the cosmic scales using radio and millimeter wavelength experiments (Junhan Kim, Caltech)
2023-07-07 @ SNU
  • Tidal disruption accretion as a growth channel of massive black holes (Seungjae Lee, SNU)
  • Star formation variability as a probe for the baryon cycle within galaxies (Eun-jin Shin, SNU)
  • Peculiar Alignment of Halo Inner Spins with the Cosmic Web (Jun-Sung Moon, SNU)
  • RVSNUpy: A new python package to measure the redshifts using cross-correlation (Taewan Kim, SNU)
  • Understanding the Formation and Evolution of Dark Galaxies in a Simulated Universe (Gain Lee, SNU)
  • UPCluster-SZ: The Updated Catalog of Galaxy Clusters from the List of Planck Sunyaev-Zeldovich Sources (Hyeonguk Bahk, SNU)
  • The Hubble Tension and Early Dark Energy (Donghui Jeong, KIAS/PSU)
  • Progress report on the physics of Lyman-alpha emitters (Jaehong Park, KIAS)
  • Recent research progress (Priya Goyal, KIAS)
  • Progress report (Jaewon Yoo, KIAS)
  • Local Universe from Cosmicflows-4 (Alexandra Dupuy, KIAS)
  • Tracking Halo Orbits and Their Mass Evolution around Large-scale Filaments (Hannah Jhee, UoS)
  • Testing Lyα emitters and Lyman-break galaxies as tracers of large-scale structures at high-z (Sang Hyeok Im, SNU)
  • Understanding the cause of diverse rotation curves of nearby galaxies with cosmological hydrodynamical simulations (Daeun Jeong, SNU)
  • The nature of statistical properties of Galactic foreground emissions (Pravabati Chingangbam, IIA)

  • Cosmology with Method of Iterative Smoothing (Hanwool Koo, UST/KASI)
  • Joint reconstructions of growth and expansion histories from Stage-IV surveys with minimal assumptions (Rodrigo Calderon, KASI)
  • Reconstruction of Hubble parameter and distance modulus using Principal Component Analysis (Ranbir Sharma, IISER Mohali)
  • Cosmology : some open issues (David Polarski, Université de Montpellir)
  • Enlarging the morphological toolset for cosmology (Pravabati Chingangbam, IIA)
  • Recent Progress Report (Céline Gouin, KIAS)
  • How to quantify the similarity of 2D distributions: Comparison of spatial distribution of Intracluster light and Dark Matter (Jaewon Yoo)
  • Project update on effect of AGNs on SFR estimation using IR wavelength (Ankit Singh)
  • Brief Introduction to Recent Research Topics (Priya Goyal)
  • Galaxy clusters in HR5 and their early distribution (Jaehyun Lee)
  • Recent progress report on the cosmic web (Junsup Shim)
  • Modelling Lyman alpha emitters in HR5: An empirical approach (Jaehong Park)
  • Cosmology with the current generation of SDSS observations from the Tomographic Alcock-Paczyski test method (Fuyu Dong)
  • Evidence for Impact of Galaxy Mergers on Properties of Early-type Galaxies (Yongmin Yoon)
  • Superclusters with Cosmicflows (Alexandra Dupuy)
  • The Universal Specific Merger Rate of Dark Matter Halos (Fuyu Dong)
  • Development status of Aspera: the UV Small-Satellite for mapping warm-hot gas in nearby galaxy halos (Haeun Chung, Steward Observatory/University of Arizona)
  • Gravitational Waves, CMB Polarization, and Hubble Tension (Donghui Jeong, PSU)
  • Study of the effect of AGN activity on SFR estimation in Infrared wavelength using HR5 (Ankit Singh)
  • Progress report on Spectro-photometric Monitoring of Highly-variable Mid-IR Selected Active Galactic Nuclei, Galaxy Environment of Massive Quasars: Constraints From Horizon Run 5 Simulations (Hyunsung Jun)

  • Measurement of the intrinsic alignments for red galaxies at z~1.3 (Motonari Tonegawa, APCTP)
  • Weak-lensing Mass Reconstruction of Galaxy Clusters with Convolutional Neural Network (Sungwook Hong, KASI)
  • Shape and connectivity of galaxy clusters: Impact on gas distribution (Céline Gouin)
  • Intracluster Light Properties in a Fossil Cluster at z=0.47 (Jaewon Yoo, KASI)
  • Recent Research Progress (Seong-kook Joshua Lee, SNU)
  • Simulating Jellyfish Galaxies: A Case Study for a Gas-Rich Dwarf Galaxy (Jaehyun Lee)
  • The role of group dynamics on the evolution of galaxies; observations and simulations (Mojtaba Raouf, Leiden Observatory)
  • Recent research progress on Ly-a emitters (Jaehong Park)
  • STag: Supernova Tagging and Classification (William Davison, KASI)
  • Recent Research Progress about Voids (Junsup Shim)
  • Modelling chemical abundance distributions for giant elliptical galaxies: the comparison with an outer halo field in NGC 5128 (Ena Choi)
  • The Kaiser-Rocket effect: three decades and counting (Benedict Bahr-Kalus, KASI)
  • The impact of the ISM/CGM on Lyman alpha emission in idealized galaxy simulations (Hyunmi Song, Yonsei University)
  • My current progress on the AP-Test: Mock Creation for the SDSS catalogue with HR4 (Fuyu Dong)
  • Rotation Curves of Galaxies and Their Dependence on Morphology and Stellar mass (Yongmin Yoon)
  • Effects of environment on AGN in HR5 simulation (Ankit Singh)
  • Evolution of Disk Galaxies and Current Status of LAE Simulation (Yonghwi Kim)
  • Galaxy environment of quasars II. A narrow-band study at z=1.47 (Hyunsung Jun)
  • Local patch analysis for testing statistical isotropy of the Planck convergence map (Priya Goyal, IIA)
  • The nature of non-Gaussianity and statistical isotropy of the 408 MHz Haslam Map (Fazlu Rahman, IIA India)
  • HR5 data release & merger trees (Jaehyun Lee)
  • Testing cosmology using peculiar velocity surveys (Fei Qin, KASI)
  • Recent Research Progress (End Choi)
  • The clustering of critical points in the evolving cosmic web (Junsup Shim)
  • Recent progress of the "AP test" project on eBOSS data (Fuyu Dong)
  • Progress reports on the calibration of the Reionization history for photon-conservation and Lyman-alpha emitters in HR5 (Jaehong Park)
  • A progress report on morphology of the first galaxies in HR5 (Changbom Park)
  • Brief report about the HR5 (Juhan Kim)
  • A progress report (Yongmin Yoon)

  • The case for and against a local void resolution to Hubble tension (Eoin O Colgain, APCTP)
  • Star-formation of galaxies in high-redshift galaxy clusters (Seong-Kook Joshua Lee, SNU)
  • The recent progress on measuring CMB lensing signals with DESI DR8 galaxy catalog (Fuyu Dong)
  • Tremulous beads on the web: Study of galaxies in large-scale filament environment (Ankit Singh)
  • Physical properties of stellar and gaseous components of galaxies in cosmological evolution (Yongmin Yoon)
  • Galaxy environment of quasars I. introduction (Hyunsung Jun)
  • Measuring the Minkowski tensors from large scale structure data (Stephen Appleby, APCTP)
  • Aspera: UV Small-Satellite mission for imaging warm-hot coronal gas in nearby galaxy halos (Haeun Chung, University of Arizona)
  • Reseach Progress (Yongmin Yoon)
  • Dual Effects of Ram Pressure on Star Formation in Multi-phase Disk Galaxies with Strong Stellar Feedback (Jaehyun Lee)
  • Recent research progress (Ena Choi)
  • Progress report: small-scale clustering analysis of GAMA galaxies using a cosmic emulator (Motonari Tonegawa)
  • Model-independent tests of the concordance model (Benjamin L'Huillier, Yonsei)
  • Recent Research Progress (Junsup Shim)
  • Deep-Learning Study of the 21-cm Differential Brightness Temperature During the Epoch of Reionization (Sungwook E. Hong, UoS)
  • Testing (statements from) string theory using late-time cosmology (Eoin O Colgain, APCTP)
  • Probing the cosmology in the low density regions of our universe (Fuyu Dong)
  • Inferring the astrophysics of cosmic dawn and reionization from 21-cm observations (Jaehong Park)
  • Recent Progress Report (Stephen Appleby)
  • Cosmological Information from the Small-scale Redshift Space Distortion (Motonari Tonegawa)
  • Aspera: A SmallSat concept study for imaging warm/hot coronal gas in nearby galaxy halos (Haeun Chung, University of Arizona)
  • Machine learning large scale structure and science with early DESI data (Christiano Sabiu, KASI)
  • Simulations and mock observations of AGN and their hosts: the merger-AGN connection (Ena Choi)
  • Revealing the Local Dark Matter Map by Deep Learning (Sungwook E Hong, UoS)
  • Narrow Band Imaging Survey (Changbom Park)
  • Recent Progress Report (Junsup Shim)
  • Numerical Study on the Evolution of the Spin of Late-Type Galaxies (Jeong-Sun Hwang)
  • The significance of AGN feeding and feedback in obscured quasars (Hyunsung Jun)
  • HIR4: cosmology from a simulated neutral hydrogen full sky using Horizon Run 4 (Jacobo Asorey, KASI)
  • Brief report about the HR5 simulation (Yonghwi Kim)
  • Cosmological parameter estimation using the genus amplitude (Stephen Appleby)
  • Galaxy Color and Structure Dependence of the Scatter in the Fundamental Plane of Early-type Galaxies (Yongmin Yoon)

  • Progress report (Sungwook E. Hong, University of Seoul)
  • Current status of new HR5 runs (Jaehyun Lee)
  • New technique to trace the magnetic field: gradients (Alexandre Lazarian, Univ. of Wisconsin)
  • Studying the morphology of the HI field during reionization using Minkowski functionals, Shapefinders and percolation analysis (Satadru Bag, KASI)
  • Does dark matter interact with dark energy? (Jiajun Zhang, IBS)
  • Sizes of voids in adhesion model (theory) (Dmitiri Pogosyan, University of Alberta)
  • The current status of new HR5 runs (Jaehyun Lee)
  • The physics and consequences of AGN-driven winds in hydrodynamical simulations (Ena Choi)
  • Comparing distance measurements obtained from galaxy scaling-relations with the help of group catalogues (Christoph Saulder)
  • Progress report: Momentum field and information extraction from the shape of excursion sets (Stephen Appleby)
  • Environments of Galaxies and Their Effects on Galaxy Properties (Yongmin Yoon)
  • Progress Report: Matter Density Distribution Reconstruction of Local Universe with Deep Learning (Sungwook E. Hong, University of Seoul)
  • Parameter Survey for the HINT LCDM (Yonghwi Kim)
  • Two-field models of inflationary and bouncing scenarios (Rathul Nath Raveendran, IMSc)
  • Revisiting Metastable DE and tensions in the estimation of Cosmological parameters (Xiaolei Li)
  • The large scale volume-weighted velocity bias of halos and galaxies (Yi Zheng)
  • Dynamical Properties of Nearby Galaxies and Their Environmental Dependence (Haeun Chung)
  • Searching for protoclusters in HR5 (Jaehyun Lee)
  • Parameter Survey for HR5 (Yonghwi Kim)
  • Identifying cosmic voids as the antipode of clusters (Junsup Shim)
  • Cosmological information from the small-scale galaxy clustering (Motonari Tonegawa)
  • Efficient parallel algorithm for estimating higher-order polyspectra (Donghui Jeong, PSU)
  • Spectral classification and ionized gas outflows in Hot Dust Obscured Galaxies (Hyunsung Jun)
  • Applications for early-type galaxies: fundamental plane distances and dark matter deprived objects (Christoph Saulder)
  • Radiation hydrodynamic simulations of ram pressure stripping on star-forming galaxies (Jaehyun Lee)
  • Are redshift-space distortions actually a probe of growth of structure? (Kimura Rampei, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University)
  • Topological Shape of the Cosmic Large-scale Structure (Inkyu Park, University of Seoul)
  • Forecasting special events in cosmic history through the coalescence of critical points in the multi-scale landscape (Christophe Pichon)
  • Probing Cosmology with HIRAX (Martin Bucher, Université Paris 7/CNRS and University of KwaZulu-Natal)
  • Cosmological parameter estimation using the genus of large scale structure (Stephen Appleby)

  • KROSS: The KMOS Redshift One Spectroscopic Survey Martin (Bureau, Oxford)
  • Horizon Run 5 - an update (Owain Snaith, KIAS)
  • The SH0ES project: towards a 1% measurement of the Hubble constant (Lucas Macri, Texas A&M Univ.)
  • Testing the physics of inflation with the search for the runnings of spectral index (Xiaolei Li, KIAS/KASI)
2018-10-17 to 19
  • Konjiam Resort
  • Spiral Structures in Disk Galaxies : An Approach based on the Density-Wave Theory (Yonghwi Kim)
  • Cosmological Applications of Filamentary Structures (Junsup Shim)
  • WFIRST High Latitude Survey and Synergies with Ground-based Surveys (Chen Heinrich, JPL)
  • Small scale RSD effect from 1-halo term calculation of halo model (Yi Zheng)
  • Progress Report: Understanding the RSD effect from the pairwise velocity PDF (Hyunbae Park, KASI)
  • Predicting the Betti numbers (and dynamically canceling the vacuum energy) (Stephen Appleby)
  • Formation of the first galaxies and their connection to dwarf galaxies in the Local Group (Myoungwon Jeon, Kyung Hee Univ.)
  • Insights from the AGORA High-resolution Galaxy Simulations Comparison (Ji-hoon Kim, Seoul National Univ.)
  • SAM in low resolution cosmological simulations (Jaehyun Lee, KIAS)
  • The Galaxy Power Spectrum and Bispectrum in Redshift Space (Donghui Jeong, Penn State Univ.)
  • Galactic Conformity and Structural properties of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies (Isha Pahwa, IUCAA/KIAS)
  • Search for the Repeatability of Very-Large-Scale Structures (Clusters, Filaments, and Walls) in the Horizon Run 4 Simulation (Sungwook Hong, KASI)
  • Environmental Dependence of Galaxy Spin in SDSS/MaNGA (Ho Seong Hwang)
  • Rotation Curves of SDSS-IV MaNGA Galaxies and their Mass and Environmental Dependence (Haeun Chung)
  • Big Data Astronomy : Let's PySpark the Universe (Sungryong Hong)
  • Modeling redshift space distortions with pairwise velocity distribution functions (Motonari Tonegawa)
  • Reaching beyond the classical fundamental plane with large-scale surveys (Christoph Saulder)
  • Ionized gas outflows in z~2 WISE-selected Hot Dust Obscured Galaxies (Hyunsung Jun)
  • The MESSIER surveyor: lifting the veil on the ultra-low surface brightness universe (David Valls-Gabaud, CNRS, Observatoire de Paris)
  • What is Nature Astronomy and how do I get published in it? (Marios Karouzos, Nature Astronomy)
  • Progress report: Galaxies in simulations and observations (Owain Snaith, KIAS)
  • Accurate determination of halo velocity bias in simulations and its cosmological applications (Yi Zheng, KIAS)
  • On Minkowski tensors (Stephen Appleby, KIAS)
  • The JCMT - a tool for extragalactic studies (Harriet Parsons, East Asian Observatory)
  • Wobbling galaxy spin axes in dense environments (Jaehyun Lee, KIAS)

  • Motions on Different Scales (Christoph Saulder, KIAS)
  • Small-scale Features of Thermal Inflation: CMB Distortion, Substructure Abundance and 21cm Power Spectrum (Sungwook Hong, KASI)
  • Modelling stellar feedback in galaxy formation simulations: where do we stand? (Taysun Kimm, Yonsei)
  • It takes two to tango: Competitive alignments of satellites with their inner halo and their central galaxy (Charlotte Welker, UWA)
  • Minkowski Tensors as a probe of the Epoch of Reionization (Akanksha Kapahtia, IIA, India)
  • Hemispherical power asymmetry in polarization maps from PLANCK(Pavan Kumar Aluri, KIAS)
  • Evaluating cosmological tensions using posterior predictionsDavid Parkinson, KASI)
  • Galaxy evolution in the metric of the Cosmic Web (Katarina Kraljic)
  • Progress report: Environmental Dependence of Galaxy Properties in the Framework of the Cosmic Web (Ho Seong Hwang)
  • Counts-in-cells statistics for large scale structure— from theory towards galaxy surveys (Cora Uhlemann)
  • Dark matter halos assembly in the frame of the saddle points of the cosmic web (Corentin Cadiou)
  • Network Cosmology : What can we learn from galaxy "Facebook"? (Sungryong Hoong)
  • Intrinsic alignments of blue star-forming galaxies at z~1.4 (Motonari Tonegawa)
  • Minkowski Tensors for cosmological fields (Pravabati Chingangbam)
  • ySAM, its applications, and model comparison (Jaehyun Lee)
  • Constraining the early Universe with the large-scale structure (Benjamin L'Huillier, KASI)
  • Tests of statistical isotropy with CMB (Pavan Kumar Aluri, KIAS/KASI)
  • Redshift space distortion modelling and marked correlation function for probing modified gravity (Yi Zheng)
  • AGN Variability and Environment as Tracers of Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology (Hyunsung Jun)
  • Progress report: cosmology with small-scale redshift space distortions (Motonari Tonegawa)
  • Final report: Satellites of Isolated Elliptical Galaxies (Changbom Park)
  • Velocity rotation curve measurement of SDSS-IV MaNGA galaxies II (Haeun Chung)
  • Topology in 1D (Graziano Rossi, Sejong)
  • Dynamical dark energy constraints from novel Alcock-Paczynski test (Xiao-dong Li)
  • Star Formation Activity of Barred Spiral Galaxies (Ho Seong Hwang)
  • Rotating galaxy cluster Abell 2107 - measurement of rotation velocity and its implication on mass estimation (Hyunmi Song)
  • Velocity rotation curve measurement of SDSS-IV MaNGA galaxies (Haeun Chung)
  • Improvement of WISE galaxy selection and dipole measurement in galaxy number count (Mijin Yoon, Yonsei)
  • Non-linear two-point correlation function from N-body simulations: a progress report (Hyunbae Park, KASI)
2017-4-06 2017-3-27
  • Simulations of the High-speed Multiple Interaction of a Lyte-type Galaxy with Early-type Galaxies (Jeong-Sun Hwang, Sejong University)
  • Cosmological Power Spectrum of Gas in RAMSES (Owain Snaith)
2017-3-13 2017-2-27
  • Progress report - Using Minkowski Functionals to probe cosmology (Stephen Appleby)
  • Progress report - Preparation for the next generation of Horizon Run, HR5 (Jihye Shin)
  • Evolution of Cosmic Voids in Horizon Run 4 and HectoMAP (Hoseong Hwang, KIAS)
  • A redshift survey of the nearby galaxy cluster Abell 2199: Comparison of the spatial and kinematic distributions of galaxies with the intracluster medium (Hyunmi Song, KIAS)
  • In and out star formation in z>1.5 quiescent galaxies and the implications for quenching (Raphael Gobat, KIAS)
  • Development status of Devasthal Optical Telescope Integral Field Spectrograph (DOTIFS) - Progress Report (Haeun Chung, SNU & KIAS)
  • Measuring the redshift dependence of volume effect: galaxy angular correlation function (Xiao-dong Li, KIAS)

  • Network Community Detection: Finding Lagrangian Coherent Structures in Fluid & Review on Cosmic Web Analysis (Sang Hoon Lee, KIAS)
  • Formation and assembly history of stellar components in galaxies as a function of stellar and halo mass (Jaehyun Lee, KASI)
  • Galaxy properties within cosmic web filaments (Clotilde Laigle, IAP)
  • Satellite systems of early-type galaxies (Changbom Park)
  • Different density scales at Tartu Observatory (Antti Tamm, Tartu)
  • How does the Halo Occupation Distribution evolve in time? (Nelson Padilla, U. Catolica de Chile)
  • Testing Dark Matter and Dark Energy: from the Local Group to the Local Universe (Wojciech Hellwing, Portsmouth, UK)
  • Legend of the sphere world (Maret Einasto, Tartu)
  • The cosmic evolution of critical sets in real and redshift space to probe dark energy (Christophe Pichon, IAP)
  • Introducing tensor Minkowski Functionals for cosmological use: application to the CMB (Pravabati Chingangbam, IIA)
  • Black hole growth in extremely massive quasars at z=1-6 (Hyunsung Jun, CalTech)
  • Gauge-Invariance and Infrared Divergences in the Luminosity Distance (Sanggyu Biern, Zurich)
  • The effect of refinement on the cosmological power spectrum in the RAMSES adaptive mesh refinement code (Owain Snaith)
  • Problems of Multipoles in BOSS DR12 (Seokcheon Lee)
  • QSOs in the fields of Galaxy Clusters and Molecular Gas Content of Star-forming Early-Type Galaxies (Fadia Salmi)
2016-07-11 (at KASI)
  • Model-independent test of the FLRW metric, the flatness of the Universe, and non-local measurement of $H_0$ (Benjamin L’Huillier, KASI)
  • BAO at 3rd order in the galaxy clustering using DR12 BOSS (Cristiano Sabiu, KASI)
  • Summary of DESI 2016 Collaboration Meeting in Durham (Ho Seong Hwang)
  • DESI: Clustering working group and Quasar target selection (Hyunmi Song)
  • Development of Devasthal Optical Telescope Integral Field Spectrograph (DOTIFS): Introduction and Progress Report (Haeun Chung)
  • Constraints on modified gravity using the anisotropy clustering (Yong-Seon Song, KASI)
  • The shape of the outskirts of dark matter halos in cosmological simulations (Owain Snaith)
2016-06-29 (Special Seminar)
  • Probing Cosmic Birefringence by CMB (Kin-Wang Ng, Academica Sinica)
  • The Theory of Large-scale Galaxy Bias (Donghui Jeong, Penn State)
  • CMB Parity Asymmetry and Gravitational Waves (Cheng Cheng, ITP, Beijing)
  • Progress report: Minkowski Functionals in Two and Three Dimensions (Stephen Appleby)
  • Making a Quasar Mock Catalog from N-body simulations: Strategy (Hyunmi Song)
2016-06-01 (Special Seminar)
  • From Planck to COrE+ (Reno Mandolesi, Univ. of Ferrara)
  • Cosmology with HETDEX (Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy eXperiment) (Donghui Jeong, Penn State)
  • First Step to Implement Quasar Physics in a Cosmological Simulation (Hyunmi Song)
  • Study on the Mapping of Dark Matter Clustering from Real Space to Redshift Space (Li Zheng, KASI)
  • Estimation of Cluster Mass using Member Galaxies (Hyunbae Park, KASI)
  • Progress Report (Raphael Gobat)
  • Alcock-Paczynski from BOSS DR12: Final Results (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Introduction to the Sunrise Radiative Transfer Code: Making Mock Images from Simulations (Owain Snaith)
  • Progress Report on the RAMSES (Jihye Shin)
  • Progress Report on the KIAS MMT Survey of Galaxies (Ho Seong Hwang)
  • The Hydrodynamic Feedback of Cosmic Reionization on Small-Scale Structures and Its Impact on Photon Consumption during the Epoch of Reionization (Hyunbae Park, KASI)
  • Minkowski Functionals Applied to Large Scale Structures of the Universe (Stephen Appleby)
  • Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A (Bon-Chul Koo, SNU)
  • Joint Analysis of Observed and Simulated Lightcones (Clotilde Laigle, IAP)
  • Self-Gravity, Resonances & Orbital Diffusion in Stellar discs (Jean-Baptiste Fouvry, IAP)
  • Probing the mildly non-linear regime of structure formation via the large deviation principle in spherical cells (Christophe Pichon, IAP)
  • Chemical evolution in a simulated disc galaxy (Owain Snaith)
  • Cosmological simulations: halo interactions and large scale structure (Benjamin L'Huillier)
  • Concept Design of Fiber Array Optical Spectrograph (Sungwook E. Hong)

  • Recent numerical studies with hydrodynamic simulations (Jihye Shin)
  • Large-scale Structures in HectoMAP and Horizon Run 4 (Ho Seong Hwang)
  • A Little Introduction to Spatial Statistics : its usefulness learned from my failure (Hyunsook Lee, KISTEP)
  • Instability Process of the Magnetized Gas in Spiral Galaxies (Yonghwi Kim, KIAA)
  • Galaxy Size Evolution (Fadia Salmi)
  • Redshift Dependence of Alcock-Paczynski Test: Cosmological Constraint from BOSS DR12 (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Systematics in Cluster Findings (Jeeseon Song, KASI)
  • Probing Black Hole-Galaxy Coevolution and Calibrating Single-epoch Virial Black Hole Mass Estimators (Daeseong Park, NAOC/KASI, EACOA fellow)
  • Horizon Run 4: Simulated Nonlinear Density Field (Juhan Kim)
  • ISW and RS effect: New Probe for Dark Energy (Seokcheon Lee)
  • Current Research Project (Stephen Appleby)
  • Metallicity and the Evolution of Galaxy Habitability (Raphael Gobat)
  • Planck Data Constraint on Noncommutative Spacetime (Pravabati Chingangbam, IIA)
  • Data Science and Cosmology (Amir Aghamousa, APCTP)
  • The Impact of Nonlinear Structure Formation on the Power Spectrum of Transverse Momentum Fluctuations and the Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect (Hyunbae Park, UT Austin/KASI)
  • Recent Galaxy Mergers and Residual Star Formation of Red Sequence Galaxies in Galaxy Clusters (Yun-Kyeong Sheen, Universidad de Concepcion)
  • Recent Activities of Our Group about Galaxy Clusters (Myungshin Im, SNU)
  • Galaxy Clusters at z~1 from IMS (Jae-Woo Kim, SNU)
  • Study for Galaxy Overdensities in ELAIS-N1, One of the IMS Fields (Minhee Hyun, SNU)
  • The Environmental Dependence of Mass-Size Relation in the Most Massive Galaxies (Yongmin Yoon, SNU)
  • Introduction to Horizon Run 3 & 4 (Juhan Kim)
  • Mock Galaxy Catalogues from Horizon Run 4 using the Most Bound Particle-Galaxy Correspondence Model (Sungwook E. Hong)
  • Incorporating the South Pole Telescope into the Event Horizon Telescope (Junhan Kim, Univ. of Arizona)
  • Recent Star Formation of Early-type Galaxies on the Red Sequence (Ho Seong Hwang)
  • Introduction to SDSS-IV MaNGA survey and its prototype observation results - II (Haeun Chung)
  • The ecology of dark matter haloes II: on the alignments of spins and shapes (Benjamin L'Huillier)
  • Correlation Function of CMASS North Galaxies and Mocks (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Introduction to SDSS-IV MaNGA survey and its prototype observation results (Haeun Chung)
2015-05-12 (at Sejong Univ.)
  • Astronomy & Space Science at Sejong University (Young-Woon Kang, Sejong)
  • The new cosmology group at Sejong University (Graziano Rossi, Sejong)
  • The Astrophysical Spectroscopy Lab at Sejong University (Jeong-Eun Heo, Sejong)
  • Photometric Study of the Young Open Cluster NGC 2169 (Sang-Hun Lee, Sejong)
  • Measuring the expansion history from the anisotropic BAO signal (Christiano Sabiu, KASI)
  • The ecology of dark matter haloes II: on the alignments of spins and shapes (Benjamin L'Huillier, KIAS)
  • Environmental effects on dwarf galaxies: ram pressure & harassment (Rory Smith, Yonsei)
  • Non-uniqueness of classical inflationary trajectories on a high-dimensional landscape (Siyi Zhou, HKUST)
  • Estimating the local K-band luminosity density (Stephen Appleby, APCTP)
  • Radiation mechanism of GRB prompt emission and afterglow (Z. Uhm, UNLV)
  • Constraining Dark Radiation and Neutrino Masses with Cosmological Probes (Graziano Rossi, Sejong)
  • Progress Report: Finger-of-God effects and 2pCF of HR4 Mock Galaxies (Sungwook E. Hong)
  • K-Correction for SDSS BOSS Galaxies (Hyunmi Song)
  • Effects of Hot Halo Gas on the Star Formation and Mass Transfer During Distant Galaxy-Galaxy Encounters (Jeong-Sun Hwang, KHU)
  • Halo interactions in the Horizon run 4 (Benjamin L'Huillier)
  • All the Running You Can Do: Progress Report on z~2 Galaxies (Raphael Gobat)
  • A Progress Report on the HectoMAP Survey (Ho Seong Hwang)
  • Science Tradition in Korea (Yongsook Kim)
  • Galaxy Size Evolution (Fadia Salmi)
  • Horizon Run 4: to Probe Galaxy Formation and Large-scale Structures of the Universe (Juhan Kim)

  • Measuring Bias from Unbiased Observable (Seokcheon Lee)
  • Cosmological Constraints from Redshift Dependence of AP and Volume Effect: Galaxy 2-point Correlation Function (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • A Galaxy Assignment Scheme using the Dark Matter Subhalo Merger Time Scale (Sungwook Hong)
  • Peculiar Velocity Decomposition and Redshift Space Distortion in Redshift Surveys (Zheng Yi, KASI)
  • Cosmology in Tartu Observatory (Jaan Einasto, Tartu)
  • Cosmology in Tuorla Observatory (Pekka Heinämäki, Turku)
  • Bootstrapping Correlation Functions (Enn Saar, Tartu)
  • Active Galaxies in the Cosmic Web (Maret Einasto, Tartu)
  • A Hydrodynamical Mechanism for Generating Astrophysical Jets (Xavier Hernandez, UNAM)
  • Beyond the Standard Model of Cosmology (Arman Shaffieloo, APCTP)
  • Cosmological Nonlinear Perturbation Theory (Hyerim Noh, KASI)
  • CMB Degeneracy between Dark Energy and Neutrino Number (Seokcheon Lee)
  • Cosmological Constraints from Redshift Dependence of Clustering Shells (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Galaxy Redshift Surveys and their Applications (Ho Seong Hwang)
  • The Environment of Barred Galaxies in the Local Universe (Bernardo Cervantes-Sodi)
  • Examining the different modes of star formation in the distant Universe (Fadia Salmi)
  • Galaxy formation in halos at z~2 (Raphaël Gobat)
  • Galaxies at z=4~7: Insights from Cosmological Hydrodynamic Simulations (Edoardo Tescari, Melbourne)
  • Brightest Cluster Galaxies as Probes of Galaxy Formation (Paola Oliva, Swinburne & AAO)
  • Large Gpc Volume Simulations of Reionization (Hansik Kim, Melbourne)
  • Footprints of the Dark Matter Halo (Arunima Banerjee, NCRA)
  • The rates and types of halo interactions (Benjamin L'Huillier)
  • Summary of SDSS III and IV Meetings (Xiao-Dong Li)
2014-07-21 (at APCTP)
  • Primordial Power Spectrum from Planck (Dhiraj Hazra, APCTP)
  • Testing Isotropy in the Local Universe (Stephen Appleby, APCTP)
  • The Second and Third-Order Clustering Statistics in Redshift Space: Modeling and Applications (Cristiano Sabiu)
  • Horizon Run 4 Users’ Projects (Juhan Kim, Benjamin L’Huillier, Sungwook Hong, Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Progress Report: Galaxy Density Gradient Field from DR12v1 mocks and data (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Calculation Methods of the Merger Time Scale for HR4 (Sungwook Hong)
  • Topology of CMB Polarization (Pravabati Chingangbam, IIA)
  • Formation of Primordial Supermassive Black Holes (Jun-Hwan Choi, Austin)
  • Alcock-Pacynski Effect in the Galaxy Density Gradient Field (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Cosmological Probes of Screening Mechanisms in Modified Gravity (David F. Mota, Oslo)
  • Lyman-Alpha forest, massive neutrinos, and BOSS applications (Graziano Rossi, Sejong)
  • Evolution of simulated halo spin (Juhan Kim)
  • Environment Dependence of quasar distribution using SDSS (Hyunmi Song)
  • DR11v1 CMASS-North Masks: Description, Effects on the Gradient Field and Calibration (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Bispectrum in general dark energy models : Effect of Removing EdS assumption on bispectrum (Sang Gyu Biern, SNU)
  • Scientific justification for GMT GMACS capabilities (Changbom Park)
  • Large-scale structure formation with massive neutrinos and dynamical dark energy (Amol Upadhye, Chicago)
  • Summary of BICEP2 (Seokcheon Lee)
  • Using Cosmological Simulations to Interpret Observations (Camille Avestruz, Yale)
  • Investigating the Possibility of a Turning Point in the Dark Energy Equation of State (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Spherical collapse in modified gravity models (Stephen Appleby, APCTP)
  • 1-loop power spectrum in dark energy models (Seokcheon Lee)
  • The multifractal Universe (Cristiano Sabiu)
  • Optimal strategies : theoretical approaches to the parameterization of the dark energy equation of state (Seokcheon Lee)
2014-01-27 13th meeting: 2014-01-27
  • A Universal Method for Identification of Large-Scale Structures of the Universe (Changbom Park)
  • Primordial Spectrum and CMB (Dhiraj Hazra, APCTP)
  • The Luminosity Correlation Function of BOSS Galaxies (Cristiano Sabiu)
  • Velocity Reconstruction and BAO (Xiao-Dong Li)

  • BOSS Projects on Quasars (Hyunmi Song)
  • The BOSS Projects of AP Tests and Beta-Skeleton: Proposals and Recent Progress (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Studying Galaxy Interactions and Evolution Using N-body/SPH Simulations (Jeong-Sun Hwang)
  • The Horizon Run 4 (Juhan Kim)
  • Large-scale Structure of the HectoMAP survey (Changbom Park)
  • Genus Topology of the BOSS CMASS Sample (Yun-Young Choi, Kyung Hee)
  • Anisotropic Clustering and Pairwise Velocities (Cristiano Sabiu)
  • Sandage-Loeb test as a Probe of Dark Energy (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Fitting forms of LPT higher order solutions for general dark energy model (Seokcheon Lee)
  • AP effects in Gradient Field: Confusing Results from HR3 (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Making a mask file for Sloan DR7 quasars (Hyunmi Song)
  • Anisotropy Clustering: Information content and constraints (Cristiano Sabiu)
  • Good Constraints on Omega_m and w from Density Gradient Field (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • GMT pre-proposals II (Changbom Park)
  • Halo-Galaxy Correspondence Model (Juhan Kim)
  • χ2 and Likelihood Distributions from Number Density Gradient Field (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • GMT pre-proposals I (Changbom Park)
  • Review on Lagrangian Perturbation Theory 3: Applications of the Lagrangian Perturbation Theory (Seokcheon Lee)
  • Review on Lagrangian Perturbation Theory 2: Comparison with other Perturbation Theories (Seokcheon Lee)
  • AP Effect in Beta-Skeletons and Smoothed Density Gradient Field (Xiao-Dong Li)
  • Review on the paper of "Cross-correlation of SDSS DR7 Quasars and DR10 BOSS Galaxies: The weak luminosity dependence of quasar clustering at z\approx 0.5" (Hyunmi Song)
  • Review on Lagrangian Perturbation Theory 1: Introduction to LPT (Seokcheon Lee)
  • Proposals for the K-GMT White Paper (Changbom Park)
  • Sciences with wide and deep survey data II: Dark Matter Halo Survey (Changbom Park)
  • SDSS-III BOSS: Data and Practicalities (Cristiano Sabiu)
  • Sciences with wide and deep survey data I: topology of LSS as a cosmic constant (Changbom Park)
  • A review of BOSS and the Alcock-Paczynski effect via clustering shells (Cristiano Sabiu)
  • Applying the Alcock-Paczynski test to the large scale structure (Xiao-Dong Li)