Pictures and Movies

Credit: Kim, J., Park, C., Gott, J.R., & Dubinski, J. 2009, ApJ, 701, 1547

Pictures (under construction)

  • Cosmic Pizza in landscape
  • [poster, PDF, 3MB; small, JPG, 1.7MB]

    64 Mpc/h-thick slice through this simulation showing the matter density field in the past light cone as a function of look-back time all the way to the horizon. The thickness of the wedge is constant and the opening angle is 45 degrees. The Earth is at the vertex and the upper boundary is the Big Bang surface at a look-back time of 13.7 billion years.

  • Cosmic Pizza in portrait
  • [poster, JPG, 20.6MB; small, JPG, 1.1MB; interactive view, for Linux & Mac or Windows with Firefox]

  • Kaleidoscopic View of Our Universe
  • [Poster, PDF, 7.4MB] [interactive view, for Linux & Mac or Windows with Firefox]

    This kaleidoscope presents a model of the entire universe to scale showing the gravitational evolution of the cosmic dark matter in space and time. The center of the circle marks here and now while the perimeter follows the horizon of the observable universe at the time of the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago. The lookback time is measured from the center outwards in proportion to the radial distance. As we move from the horizon to the centre, the featureless early universe evolves into the filamentary patterns of the large-scale structure as gravity amplifies the primordial quantum density fluctuations imprinted during inflation.

    This image was created from the density map of a 45-degree thin wedge that was generated from the Horizon Run - a 70 billion particle cosmological dark matter simulation. The wedge was rotated and reflected eight times to create this kaleidoscopic portrait of the evolviing universe.

  • Mock LRG Survey
  • [wedge,JPEG, 1.1Mbytes]

    A 10 degree-thick wedge diagram of a slice taken from a mock LRG survey performed at a random location observed along the past light cone of the Horizon Run. The mean separation between the LRG galaxies is set to 15 Mpc/h at all redshifts, and the outer boundary of the survey is at z=0.6.

  • Density Snapshot at z=0
  • [ slice, JPEG, 1.2Mbytes, 4120x4120]     
    A density slice map at z=0. The side length of the slice is 6592 Mpc/h and its width is 4.8 Mpc/h.

    Movies (under construction)

  • Cosmic Pizza [mpg,10MB] [avi,24MB] [mov,6.7MB] [avi7.6MB] [mov,2.7MB]     
    This movie shows an observer's view over the Cosmic Pizza moving from z=∞ to z=0. Viewers need to get the most recent codec for the mpeg decoding.

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