Horizon Run 5 (HR5) is a cosmological hydrodynamical simulation which captures the properties of the Universe on a Gpc scale while achieving a resolution of 1 kpc. This enormous dynamic range allows us to simultaneously capture the physics of the cosmic web on very large scales and account for the formation and evolution of dwarf galaxies on much smaller scales. This meeting will be an opportunity for every member to share their work with other members. The meeting will also act as a platform for inviting potential collaborators. We encourage you to share the information about upcoming meetings with colleagues interested in joining the HR5 collaboration.

Types of talks

  • Short talk

    Progress of existing projects/new proposals (13+2 mins)

  • HR5 Sciences

    Existing projects with exciting results (20+5 mins)

  • Technical Talks

    Any technical issues in using HR5 data, new data discussion or new technique of interest to the collaboration (20+5 mins)


The meeting will be held in online mode over Zoom and we will send an email with the meeting link a few days before the start of the meeting. The duration of meeting will be from 6 pm KST till 10:30 pm KST:


The last date for registration and abstract submission is 6 August, 2021

Group Photo

The group photo of the this meeting can be found at the following link: