Energetic gas outflows from active galactic nuclei (AGNs) are often considered as agents of negative feedback to the interstellar medium of host galaxies. Such ‘AGN feedback’ may lead tight observational scaling relations between black holes and their host galaxies. In this talk, first, I will present the results from our statistical studies of the ionized gas outflows of type 2 AGNs selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (e.g., Bae & Woo 2014) and compare with the results from their neutral gas kinematics. Second, I will present 3D biconical outflow models for constraining the observed kinematics of AGN outflows (Bae & Woo 2016). Third, I will present the spatially resolved kinematics of 20 AGNs with strong signatures of outflows, and their impact on the host galaxies (Bae et al. 2017). Last, I will present the implications of the AGN studies and possible connections to ongoing projects at KIAS Astrophysics group for future studies.