2009.4 ~ 2010.3

The astrophysics and cosmology group of Korea Institute for Advanced Study consists of Prof. Changbom Park, and three research fellows. Prof. Park organized a Korean Scientist Group (KSG) to participate in the new international consortium for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III (SDSS-III). This survey is a legacy survey of the previous SDSS survey. KIAS, in partnership with ARCSEC of Sejong University, has joined the SDSS-III in March, 2008. The new survey will continue through 2014, and consists of the massive survey of high-redshift luminous red galaxies (BOSS), structure, dynamics and chemical evolution study of the Milky Way Galaxy (SEGUE-II, APOGEE), and the search for exoplanets (MARVELS). The outputs of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and SDSS-III are giving us a special opportunity to make major findings in the fields of cosmology and structure formation.

Individual members of the astrophysics and cosmology group have been active in his/her research in 2008. Prof. Park, in collaboration with J. Richard Gott of Princeton university and Dr. Juhan Kim of Kyung-Hee University made a large cosmological N-body simulation that ran 70 billion CDM particles in a box with side length of about 9300 Mpcs. This simulation is named 'The Horizon Run', and will be used to simulated the Luminous Red Galaxies that will be observed by the upcoming SDSS-III survey out to redshift z≈0.7. Prof. Park is also studying the properties of galaxies and their correlations in great details. Prof. Park in collaboration with Dr. Yun-Young Choi of Sejong University studied the effects of environments, namely, the nearest neighbor galaxy and large-scale density, on the nuclear activity of galaxies using the SDSS DR7 final data. They also measured the topology of the large-scale distribution of the Main galaxies, and found that galaxy clustering topology depends also on morphology and color and that none of the currently popular galaxy formation models reproduces the ket aspects of the observed topology.

Pravabati Chingangbam worked on simulation of non-Gaussian CMB maps and using them to measure the non-Gaussian deviations encoded in the Minkowski Functionals (MF's), along with prof. Changbom Park. She developed a new code which can measure MF's accurately from maps that contain observational contaminants and incomplete sky due to masked regions. They studied the statistical nature, sensitivity and distinctions between non-Gaussian deviations arising from quadratic and cubic order primordial perturbations. They also proposed new statistical tests that can clearly distinguish $f_{NL}$ and $g_{NL}$ type non-Gaussianities. Further, the effects of experimental noise, beam patterns and masking of galaxy and point sources on the MF's is studied. The effect of the contaminants is found to be weak and hence the MF's are very useful tools to look for non-Gaussianity in the real observational data. Work on comparing the theoretical predictions with real data is under way.

On the inflation model building side she has studied the generation of tensor perturbations from models that have transient break of slow roll. It is found the break of slow roll can lead to the tensor-to-scalar ratio being much larger than one briefly and this leads to a sharp significant rise of angular power of $B$ modes of polarization on large scales. She has also studied inflation due to Yang-Mills gauge field with quartic coupling living on extra dimensions, which leads to dynamical shrinking of the extra dimensions. It is found that gauge field fluctuations do not destabilize spoil the attractive features of this scenario.

Dr. Graziano Rossi measured the clustering of hot and cold patches in the microwave background sky from the WMAP five-year data, and found significant differences from the simplest Gaussian-based prediction. These results were interpreted in the context of primordial non-Gaussianity, although other plausible explanations for the detected discrepancies were provided.

Dr. Graziano Rossi, Dr. Prava Chingangbam and Prof. Park have extended the statistics of the excursion sets to models with local primordial non-Gaussianity, and used simulated non-Gaussian maps to confirm their analytic predictions.

Dr. Graziano Rossi and Prof. Park have proposed a new method to recover unbiased distributions and scaling relations from photometric redshift surveys, and exemplified the deconvolution technique using a sample of early-type galaxies from the SDSS DR6. They found that by using only 10% of the spectroscopic training set it is possible to reconstruct accurately galaxy scaling relations. Dr. Graziano Rossi has also shown that a convolution technique is equivalent to a deconvolution one, and what additional information photometric redshift algorithms must output so that they can be used to study galaxy scaling relations.

Dr. Graziano Rossi and Prof. Park have started a new project on LSS topology, with the goal of constraining cosmological parameters with the next generation of galaxy surveys.

Dr. Jaswant Kumar has joined KIAS astrophysics group in January 2010. I have been working on the Semi-Analytic modelling of the formation and evolution of galaxies in the Universe. He has also been looking at the fractal nature of large scale structures as obtained from Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

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