2008.4 ~ 2009.3

The astrophysics and cosmology group of Korea Institute for Advanced Study consists of Prof. Changbom Park, and six research fellows. Prof. Park has organized a Korean Scientist Group (KSG) to participate in the new international consortium for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III (SDSS-III). This survey is a legacy survey of the previous SDSS survey. KIAS, in partnership with ARCSEC of Sejong University, has joined the SDSS-III in March, 2008. The new survey will continue through 2014, and consists of the massive survey of high-redshift luminous red galaxies (BOSS), structure, dynamics and chemical evolution study of the Milky Way Galaxy (SEGUE-II, APOGEE), and the search for exoplanets (MARVELS).

Individual members of the astrophysics and cosmology group have been active in his/her research in 2008. Dr. Yun-Young Choi and Prof. Park have studied the effects of environments, namely, the nearest neighbor galaxy and large-scale density, on the galaxy properties using the SDSS data. They have also studied the effects of the host galaxy and large-scale background density on the satellite galaxies in isolated galactic satellite systems. They measured the topology of the large-scale distribution of the luminous red galaxies observed by the SDSS. An astonishing agreement between the observed genus and the genus from a LCDM model simulation was found. Dr. Choi moved to ARCSEC in Sejong University.

Dr. Juhan Kim and Prof. Park have run the Horizon Run N-body Simulation, the biggest cosmological N-body simulation till date, on a supercomputer at Korea Institute for Science and Technology Information. The evolution of matter fluctuation is shown from the present epoch all the way out to the horizon (the Big bang surface) for the first time. Massive dark matter halos are identified for a comparison with observations of the forthcoming BOSS of the SDSS-III project. The simulation is used to accurately measure the non-linear systematic effects such as gravitational evolution, redshift space distortion, past light cone space gradient, and galaxy biasing, and to calibrate the baryon oscillation scale and the genus topology. Dr. Kim moved to CITA in University of Toronto in Aug. 2008.

Dr. Prava Chingangbam studied models of inflation which give rise to features in the primordial power spectrum. It was found that a particular model, motivated by MSSM in particle physics, with potential having an inflection point provides a much better fit to CMB data compared to the usual power-law spectrum, particularly for the low multipoles. She also worked on possible scenarios where the amplitude of curvature perturbation on super-horizon scales can be modified during reheating. Further, she has calculated the trispectrum in axion-type curvaton model and found that it can be relevant for non-Gaussianity in the CMB. Dr. Chingangbam and Prof. Park developed codes for simulation of non-Gaussian CMB maps and are computing Minkowski Functionals from these maps. She gave a series of lectures on cosmological perturbation theory and a seminar at National Taiwan University.

Dr. Ho Seong Hwang and Prof. Park studied the effects of galaxy-galaxy and galaxy-cluster interactions on galaxy properties, and found that the galaxy-galaxy interaction has been one of the main driving causes for galaxy evolution in the cluster environment and also at high redshifts. The SDSS galaxies in the massive Abell clusters, and high redshift (z<1) galaxies in the Hubble Space Telescope archival data and ground-based spectroscopic data, were used. They investigated the kinematics of satellite galaxies using the SDSS data.

Dr. Young-Rae Kim and Prof. Park are continuing their research on topology and large scale structure as a probe of cosmology. They have formulated the estimated genus value at a given cosmology by using a volume factor with respect to a reference cosmology and genus values at scaled smoothing length for the new cosmology and the reference smoothing length. They estimated how well their method can constrain cosmology once SDSS-III is completed. They are now using the Horizon Run to measure the non-linear corrections and calibrate their analysis.

Dr. Pascale Hibon has joined KIAS astrophysics group in June 2008. She has been searching for high redshift (z=7.7) Lyman-alpha Emitters from Narrow-Band Imaging Survey. She visited NAOJ in Sept. 2008, where she created a new collaboration, resulting in two new observational projects. Dr. Pascale Hibon and Prof. Park have also been investigating the interactions of galaxy-galaxy pairs using the GOODS data.

Dr. Graziano Rossi, who joined KIAS astrophysics group in Sept. 2008, studied the statistics of the cosmic microwave background fluctuations such as the higher order correlations and peak statistics using the five-year WMAP data. He also worked on deconvolution techniques for galaxy scaling relations and statistical estimation problems.


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